Thomas Février


Born in Paris, Thomas Fevrier takes his first piano lessons at the age of 11. As a teenager, he spends most of his time sitting at the piano, listening and playing by ear countless iconic artists, such as Elton John, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Brel or Polnareff.

Turning 17, Thomas gets on the stage for the first time along with the french comedian Jean Claude Dreyfus as a pianist, musical arranger, composer and backing singer. Then, he turns to the world of radio, writing and composing within several radio dramas.

At the age of 20, he chooses to create his first band, “Continental”, singing and playing his own melodies. In the same time, he writes the original scores of theatric plays and thereby discovers number of authors such as Pinter, Duras, Handke, Buckowski, Rictus, Barrico and Noelle Renaude, who will inspire him for his own lyrics.

In 2005, he releases his first auto-produced EP : “Imperceptiblement”, followed in 2007 by “Bus de Nuit”. Thomas always considered albums to be nothing more than a support to the stage. Therefore, he begins to perform in many parisian venues – Flèche d’Or, Réservoir, Café de la Danse, Théâtre du Petit Hébertot – then soon throughout France and abroad, mainly in Brighton and London (Uk).

In 2008, resuming his carreer as a theatric plays composer and singer of his own works, he becomes acquainted with the french actress, author and singer Olga Sokolow. Their musical collaboration will last no less than eleven years, filled with concerts, creations and everlasting love. This same year, he co-writes and produces “Credo”, the last album of the worldwide known actor Tcheky Karyo.

In 2011, as Olga releases her first EP, entitled “Les Pas”, Thomas, with the precious help of the french comedian Yaël Tama, gives birth to a brand new stage character : Mister Fevrier. Olga and Mister Fevrier will therefore tour France and accross the channel again for a series of concerts in UK.

In the same time, he creates with Jean Claude Dreyfus and the director Christophe Correia a new show based on the carreer of Raymond Devos : “Dreyfus / Devos, d’Hommages sans Interdits”. That show will lead them to the Avignon Festival, then to a two years tour in France.

Thomas records his new album : “Mister Février” in 2012 in Brussels, surrounded by a new set of musicians he met working with Tcheky Karyo.

In 2014, Olga and Thomas take part to the show “Mamans”, prowling the famous stage of the “Cafe de la Gare” in Paris for 8 months. During those years, their collaboration never stopped. Furthermore, Mister Février returns that same year for a series of gigs all through the country. The next two years are devoted to writing and touring with Olga or on his own.

From 2016, Thomas Fevrier joins the team of the “Théâtre Le Ranelagh” and performs as a “film-concerts pianist”. He also writes the score of a documentary based on the life of the french actor Patrick Dewaere. That particular year, Olga is diagnosed with brain cancer. Thomas will slow down his activities and remain by her side until she passed away in March 2018.

After that terrible event, Thomas spends most of his time writing, composing and learning. In September 2018, he gives a tribute concert to Olga and donates all the proceeds to the ARTC foundation dedicated to research against brain tumors.

In 2020, while spanning film-concerts, Thomas takes part of a brand new show as pianist and comedian at the “Théâtre de la Porte saint Martin”, sharing the stage with Catherine Frot and Vincent Dedienne. He’s also working at a new album and future gigs. During the 2020’s lockdowns, he gives a series of livestream concerts, singing his own materials, Olga’s and every single note and inspiration inhabiting his dreams…