Sébastien Buffet


Sébastien is a drummer and a percussionist…although he started with the flute, and played banjo, glockenspiel, and melodica during his tours.

He could confine himself to a style but prefers to explore with enthusiasm those of the artists he meets and who trust him.

Pop, electro, rock, world, jazzy, slam, beatmaking… and it’s not over.

Over time, he got involved more in arrangements and compositions… notably alongside Dominique A and his pop band Frank.

Appreciated for his zen attitude and humor, Sébastien is a conscientious and effective cohort , his infallible cruising rhythm did not fail to impress Mark Plati ( Davis Bowie, The Cure, Rita Mitsouko, Alain Bashung…) while he mixed « les chansons ordinaires » for Miossec.

2014 marked a turning point in his career. He composed and directed the ecological musical tale The Underwater Symphony interpreted by Agnès Jaoui,Jacques Gamblin, Kent, Dominique A, Marianne James and himself. Since then he has been performing stage adaptation, alone on stage, he plays all the characters and sings all the songs accompanying himself.

In 2016, he renewed the experience with a record produced by Marianne James that will become the show « Tatie Jambon ».

In 2019, « Tatie Jambon » won the prize for best youth show in Avignon.