Claude Schuh


He grows up in a family of music lovers. Since his early years, Claude lives and breathes the music his dad, aunt and uncle make him discover (pop music, rock n’roll, folk and reggae).

With such a strong background, his passion for music makes him aware he is made for music.

He becomes a member of a group of artists and takes part in various singing contests and starts performing on stage.

In 2010, he participates in the NRJ Tour happening on beaches everywhere in France and finally wins his first singing contest thanks to the vote of an audience of 25000 people and thanks to a jury of professionals such as Pierre Billon, Joël Raduszynski, Louisy joseph, Leslie).

He is contacted quickly to be part of various national castings and starts working for Endemol for a year. He then participates in test shows in France and in Europe. He meets bruno Berbères and participates in X-Factor on M6 and in The Voice on TF1, this time in the Garou Team.

He then plays a lot of gigs in France with people from The voice season 2 or on his own.

In 2014, Claude integrates the International Music Academy of Nancy on a singing course and graduates in modern music with class honours.

He goes to Germany with his band called SCHUHH the following year. There, he is a representative of the International Music Academy of Nancy. In the next couple of months, he decides to record an EP.

In 2016, his band takes part in the Live Ricard contest, in the Printemps de Bourges and in the Jump contest after he gave several shows in Eastern France, in the Paris region and in Gironde.

In 2018, in search of new experiments, he starts teaching singing in various schools and also starts working as a backup singer with Eltonology.

Since then, he performs everywhere in France and meets his public. The audience is always immediately overwhelmed and receptive to his musical universe.