Cédric Lauer


He starts studying classical percussions at the music academy of Forbach under Tristan Blum’s tuition. The latter attended Sylvio Gualda’s class (Sylvio was a former kettledrummer at the Opéra de Paris) at the music academy of Versailles.

After he made his bones with the municipal band of Forbach, he started working with several french and german municipal bands and symphonic orchestras.

A few years later, he starts accompanying the 2000 choir members under the supervision of Jacky Locks, who works at that time with renowned artists such as Patrick Bruel, Slimane, Patrick Fiori and Bruno Pelletier.

Cédric currently works with several bands of different music styles, playing either cover songs or their own compositions. They all appreciate his versatility.

After he went on an advanced course of latin percussions and marimba at the regional music academy of Metz, he started teaching percussions in various music schools in Moselle.