Eltonology 2022 Summer Tour

Eltonology 2022 Summer Tour

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It is time to announce our new “2022 Summer Tour” dates ! This tour will bring us to France, Belgium and Germany.

As of this summer, it is be with infinite pleasure that Eltonology will come back to you and offer some new surprises, including a straight out of the craziest and most thrilling E.J.’s live performances special tribute. So book now and re-live the magical energy of a true living legend.

 Eltonology Summer Tour 2022 : 

  • 13.07 Fête Nationale Freyming-merlebach (France)
  • 15.07 Festiv’été Jarville-la-malgrange (France)
  • 20.07 Music en vignes 2022Le Puy-sainte-réparade (France)
  • 22.07 Bad Homburger Sommer Bad Homburg Vor Der Höhe (Germany)
  • 05.08 Tribute night Festival 2022 Rochefort (Belgium)
  • 20.08 Château de Commercy Commercy (France)